Sunline Vinyl Gloves – Box of 100 Gloves

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33,000+ boxes (1 container): $2.95/box
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SUNLINE Vinyl Multi-purpose Gloves

Vinyl gloves protect you and your team from biohazards and chemicals in a variety of healthcare settings and work sites. Gloves also keep healthcare or food workplaces hygienic and sanitary, promoting safety for patients, workers and visitors.

Vinyl Glove Applications

Our high-quality vinyl gloves can be used across industries:

  • Food processing and service: Vinyl gloves keep food preparation, processing and service areas hygienic. They can help prevent cross-contamination and protect food being prepared.
  • Hairdressing and beauty industriesBeauty and hairdressing professionals routinely come into contact with chemicals and hair dyes. Vinyl gloves protect their skin from harm.
  • Janitorial: Vinyl disposable gloves protect janitorial staff from bleach and other chemicals used to perform everyday tasks.
  • Hospitality: In hotels and other hospitality facilities, disposable vinyl gloves can be worn for sanitary protection when completing janitorial tasks.
  • Laboratory: Whether during a chemical experiment or when working with biological samples, vinyl gloves protect lab workers from exposure.
  • General industry: If exposure to chemicals, cleaners and other dangerous substances is possible, powder-free vinyl gloves are a necessity.

Why Shop for Vinyl Gloves at SUNLINE Supply?

SUNLINE Supply offers premium wholesale vinyl gloves for sale that are FDA-approved for food handling. No matter your application, you can trust that you will receive a product you can depend on. We make it easy to shop vinyl gloves in bulk, so you always have gloves on hand. When you buy vinyl disposable gloves from SUNLINE Supply, you enjoy competitive bulk pricing, quality products and exceptional customer service.

Place Your Bulk Order of Vinyl Disposable Gloves Today

For premium, powder-free vinyl gloves for medical, food service and other applications, turn to SUNLINE Supply. We can help you create a bulk order of all the PPE and other essential supplies you need to protect your team. Shop vinyl gloves in bulk today!

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