Surgical Gown, Level 4

Surgical Gown, 510(k), Level 4

$5.95 / each

  • Depending on order size and terms
  • Call for bulk pricing
  • Level 4 ANSI/AAMI
  • 510(k)
  • FDA and CE certified
  • Available in SMMS with PE or BVB material
  • One-piece, single-use surgical gown; non-woven
  • Secure protection (ultrasonic technology), tear-resistant and flame retardant
  • Anti-fluid, anti-alcohol, anti-blood, anti-static
  • Durable, comfortable, lightweight, breathable SMMS material
  • Ultrasonic technology in arm and sleeve/cuff; comfortable collar with soft white spun lace
  • Four belts with belt card
  • Vendor info kit available upon request

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