N95 Mask – Makrite 9500

$3.25 – $4.25 / each


  • $3.25 – $4.25/each (depending on order size and terms)
  • NIOSH approved
  • FDA and CE certified
  • This product contains of non-woven fabrics, melt blown fabrics and interior nose clips 
  • Suitable for people to cover their mouth, nose and jaw to prevent harmful particles
  • Use for daily protection
  • Info kit available upon request

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Why Buy N95 Masks?

As the novel coronavirus swept the globe, we saw a rising demand for quality, reliable personal protective equipment. N95 masks are considered a particularly vital form of PPE due to their fluid-resistant design and effective barrier against dangerous airborne particles. SUNLINE Supply’s selection of FDA and CE certified N95 masks enables hospitals to stock up on their PPE needs with one convenient, competitively priced bulk order.

N95 Mask Features and Benefits

N95 respirator masks offer enhanced protection thanks to their ability to filter both large and small particles. In fact, an N95 mask is capable of blocking up to 95% of tiny particles. N95 masks include numerous advanced features that are designed to improve the safety and protection of the wearer:

  • Disposable: N95 masks are intended for one-time use to enhance cleanliness and sanitization.
  • Multilayer protection: Designed with a resilient yet flexible nonwoven polypropylene fiber, N95 masks are capable of preventing the wearer from inhaling harmful particles. A multilayered combination of nonwoven fabrics and melt blown fabrics provides added barriers to efficiently filter airborne particles.
  • Adjustable fit: Interior nose clips and tightly sealed respirator edges provide an adjustable fit that can be tailored to the wearer’s nose and jaw.
  • NIOSH approved: In addition to receiving FDA and CE certification, our N95 masks are NIOSH approved. This speaks to each mask’s superior quality and ability to meet the highest industry safety standards.

Why Trust SUNLINE Supply for Your PPE?

Medical facilities looking to buy N95 masks need a supplier they can trust for high standards, affordable prices and timely shipping. SUNLINE Supply has built a reputation for being one of the most reliable and respected personal protective equipment suppliers on the market. With over 90 years of experience as a global distributor, we know exactly what our customers need. We’re proud to offer:

  • Competitive prices on all of our N95 respirator masks, as well as other PPE
  • 24/7 sales availability to ensure you can complete your orders at your convenience
  • Bulk options for convenient supply and stocking
  • Fast and reliable shipping directly to your location
  • Unmatched product quality backed by SUNLINE Supply’s FDA certification

If you need to create a custom order or have any specific requirements, let us know. Our team can help you build an order that meets your needs and adheres to the strictest industry regulations.

Buy N95 Respirator Masks in Bulk Today

Need to outfit your medical facility with a regular supply of high-quality N95 masks? Looking to meet industry standards while complying with your facility’s budget? Our selection of N95 surgical masks for sale is your solution. Our competitive pricing and fast distribution system make us a trusted PPE supplier for hospitals around the country. If you’re ready to buy N95 face masks in bulk, contact us today to request a quote.