COVID Antigen Test Kits – Joysbio

  • Pricing tiers of $28 / $25 / $22 / $20 per test
  • $560 / box of 20 tests kits ($28 per test); 1 – 5 boxes
  • $500 / box of 20 tests kits ($25 per test); 6 – 10 boxes
  • $440 / box of 20 tests kits ($22 per test); 11 – 50 boxes
  • $400 / box of 20 tests kits ($20 per test); 51 – 100 boxes
  • Call for pricing and/or ordering; 101+ boxes
  • An antigen test reveals if a person is CURRENTLY infected with a pathogen such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
  • Clinical Study Results.- Detection Sensitivity 98.72%, Specificity 97.32%
  • The kit uses immunocapture method; it is designed to detect the presence of absence of SARS-COV-2 nucleocapsid proteins in respiratory samples fro patients with signs and symptoms of infection who are suspected of COVID-19
  • Easy to collect samples, simple operation, without professional equipment
  • Test results are available in 15 minutes, and the test results are clearly visible
  • Convenient transportation and low price, higher accuracy
  • Suitable for large-scale rapid screening
  • Recommended for international use

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Applications for Joysbio COVID Antigen Testing Kits

Keeping people safe throughout the year is critical to a smooth-running and healthy world. If you need tests that determine if an individual currently has COVID-19, SUNLINE Supply has testing kits that can help. These Joysbio tests carry a detection sensitivity of 98.72%, meaning they have a high chance of finding any signs of COVID-19. Use Joysbio biotechnology rapdi diagnostic tests and help maintain a safe environment for everyone.


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How the Joysbio Antigen Tests Work

These tests are an excellent way to determine someone’s health and identify anyone who needs immediate medical care. Although people are mostly staying at home, an accurate test reading prevents infected individuals from further spreading illness at work or in public areas. The Joysbio tests offer a 99.98% accuracy reading, meaning you and your patient can be confident in the results you receive.

To complete the test, a medical professional will first pour the buffer into the extraction tube. Then, they will insert the nose swab into an individual’s nose to collect a respiratory sample. Afterward, the sample will be placed into the extraction bottle and stirred around for 10 seconds. The goal is to release respiratory cells into the buffer liquid.

Once the 10 seconds are up, the swab gets thrown away and a lid must go over the tube. Drops of the liquid then go onto the test cassette. Within 15 to 20 minutes, you’ll have an answer for that person.

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Joysbio tests are incredibly helpful for keeping individuals comfortable and safe and maintaining public health. Whether you need to test a large group at a company or school, these tests provide a highly accurate reading you can trust. Get your Joysbio biotechnology rapid antigen test kits today and help ensure individuals can safely be around others.