Sterile Gowns

Medical facilities around the country require top-of-the-line surgical gowns for their sterile operations. SUNLINE Supply carries a wide selection of high-quality sterile medical gowns at a cost-effective bulk price. Outfit your hospital with the supplies you need from our trusted inventory.

What Are Sterile Medical Gowns?

Healthcare workers often wear sterile surgical gowns to protect their body and clothing from fluid and microbial transmission in a surgical setting. Sterile medical gowns typically feature long sleeves, fitted cuffs and neck-to-knee coverage in a multilayered, tightly woven material. Designed to create a sterile barrier between surgical staff and the surrounding environment, sterile gowns are generally worn during procedures with exposure to bodily fluids.

Features and Benefits of Sterile Gowns

Sterile isolation gowns include numerous features that enhance their protective capabilities. Composite multilayered fabric helps create a barrier against viruses, bacteria and potentially infectious pathogens. Each layer is reinforced with anti-static, fluid and flame repellant layers for added protection. With their disposable design, sterile gowns can be used on a one-time basis. Ultrasonic technology in the arm and cuff, as well as a comfortable spun lace material, ensure the gown is easy to wear all day long.

Sterile gowns provide many benefits to medical workers, including:

  • Protection from infectious diseases: Each sterile isolation gown meets Level 3 AAMI protection guidelines and acts as an effective barrier against fluid, static, alcohol and blood.
  • Enhanced comfort: The lightweight and highly breathable SMS and SMMS fabric keeps wearers comfortable.
  • Peace of mind: Multiple layers of SMS and SMMS fabric give healthcare workers peace of mind when dealing with potentially dangerous pathogens.

Our Selection of Sterile Surgical Gowns

SUNLINE Supply carries a premium selection of AAMI Level 3 surgical gowns. As an FDA-certified company, we work with thoroughly vetted vendors that are capable of meeting our high standards. No matter which sterile surgical gown style you choose, you can count on excellent quality and durability.

Our options include:

  • Surgical Gown, SMMS Material, Level 3: Designed with spun-melt-melt-spun (SMMS) fabric, our Level 3 surgical gown is ideal for use in sterile medical environments, such as an operating room. The SMMS fabric design creates enhanced durability and superior protection from infection caused by splashes and sprays.
  • Surgical Gown, SMS Material, Level 3: This Level 3 surgical gown option is made with spun-melt-spun (SMS) non-woven fabric. While not as thick as the multi-layered SMMS option, the SMS material gown offers excellent filtration as well as anti-static and flame-retardant properties.

Why Choose SUNLINE Supply for Sterile Isolation Gowns?

With 90 years of global distribution experience, SUNLINE Supply is your go-to source for high-quality PPE. Our award-winning service and FDA certification reflect our commitment to impeccable quality. We serve customers in the healthcare, industrial and commercial fields to deliver premium safety apparel at an affordable price. Thanks to an extensive, nationwide distribution network, we’re able to offer reliable shipping that meets your timeline and budget goals.

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No matter your personal protective equipment needs, SUNLINE Supply has your solution. Thanks to our 24/7 sales availability and a wide range of in-stock products, you have quick and easy access to cost-effective bulk supplies. Browse our selection of sterile medical gowns to discover the right style and features for your facility. We also offer other premium PPE, including face masks, shoe covers and disposable gloves, to build out your safety apparel inventory.

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