Purple Disposable Gloves

Purple Disposable Gloves

Providing high-quality gloves for your employees is an important part of keeping them safe. Traditionally, gloves were made of latex and appeared off-white in color. In today’s market, you can select from a wide variety of materials and colors to ensure you are getting the right gloves for the job. At SUNLINE Supply, we offer a range of colors, including blue, black, white and purple disposable gloves.

Uses of Purple Disposable Gloves

Purple nitrile gloves are becoming a popular option in the medical field. Purple medical gloves are aesthetically pleasing and non-threatening to help soothe patients. In the medical field and beyond, the purple color is ideal because it is light enough to easily see contamination and dirt on the gloves so that users know they need a new pair.

They are also an effective option for a practice known as double gloving. Double gloving provides extra protection by layering a lighter-colored glove over a darker-colored glove. When the lighter glove becomes punctured or torn, the darker glove shows through to easily alert the user.

Across many industries, different colored gloves are used to indicate specific uses and avoid cross-contamination. Colors may also be used to indicate the qualities of a glove. In a medical facility, for example, purple gloves may be rated for use in chemotherapy treatment, while blue gloves are used for general examinations and should not be used to handle anti-cancer drugs. Color-coded gloves are an easy and effective way to communicate with staff and standardize glove use.

Purple Nitrile Examination Gloves

Purple nitrile gloves are a popular option for many businesses and facilities that regularly interact with hazardous materials. While color isn’t necessarily an indicator of properties, some manufacturers color-code their gloves according to their intended use. For example, Halyard-brand dark purple gloves meet ASTM D6978-05 standards for use with chemotherapy drugs and other hazardous chemicals that may pose moderate to high risk for users, while their lavender gloves have a much lower protection rating.

You should always double-check to make sure your gloves are rated to protect your employees. While some purple gloves are rated for chemotherapy, purple vinyl gloves would be ineffective for this application.

At SUNLINE Supply, we offer chemo-rated nitrile gloves in purple as well as other colors like blue and black, so you can choose whatever color best suits your intended use and aesthetic. Our nitrile gloves are powder-free and latex-free for long-lasting protection and comfort.

Why Choose SUNLINE Supply for Purple Nitrile Gloves?

SUNLINE Supply is dedicated to distributing high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE). Our years of experience working with overseas manufacturers have made us experts when it comes to providing the highest quality products available at competitive prices. We keep our domestic warehouses stocked with purple nitrile gloves and other PPE so we can ship out most orders right away. You should expect your products to arrive within 2.5 weeks of placing your order.

To learn more about our purple disposable gloves and request a quote for your bulk order, contact us online or give us a call at 866-781-5687.