Open-Back Gowns

Personal protective equipment plays a vital role in keeping healthcare workers, patients and visitors safe. Open-back gowns are an ideal PPE option for low-risk medical environments. They provide a simple yet effective protective layer, helping to keep individuals from coming into contact with fluid splashes and sprays.

Browse our line of open-back medical gowns and outfit your hospital with a selection of the most trusted protective apparel in the industry. With one bulk order, medical facilities can stock up on all the gowns and other PPE they require.

Why Use Open-Back Isolation Gowns?

Isolation gowns typically come in two styles — open-back or closed-back. While closed-back gowns are better suited to sterile environments, such as a surgical setting, open-back gowns offer different benefits. Open-back hospital gowns provide enhanced comfort and flexibility with a versatile one-size-fits-all design.

Open-back gowns are easy and quick to put on and remove, helping to streamline workflow and productivity throughout the day. Many isolation gowns come with long sleeves or waist ties for added security.

Benefits and Features of Open-Back Medical Gowns

Convenience meets quality in our FDA and CE-certified open-back isolation gowns. These gowns feature long sleeves with elasticated thumb loop wrists for a secure and comfortable fit. The front of each gown provides comprehensive torso coverage, while the open-back design makes gowns easy to put on and remove. A flexible fit ensures that your staff as well as patients and visitors can comfortably wear the gown as long as needed.

Each gown is latex-free and designed with an impermeable thermoplastic material for superior fluid repellence. A heat or ultrasonic seam ensures each open-back medical gown can withstand the demands of even the most intense work environments.

SUNLINE Supply’s open-back hospital gowns come in a standard blue color for seamless integration into a standard medical setting. When you buy open-back gowns in bulk, you can begin to implement your new PPE right away and enjoy peace of mind knowing you have enough supply on-hand to meet your facility’s demands.

Why Choose SUNLINE Supply for Open-Back Gowns?

A variety of industries around the world trust SUNLINE Supply to meet their PPE needs. As an FDA-certified company, we are your source for PPE that meets strict industry standards. We have an extensive distribution network and fine-tuned processes that ensure fast turnaround times and shipping speeds. All of our PPE, including open-back isolation gowns, is sourced from vendors that we’ve personally vetted. With our convenient online ordering process and bulk pricing, you can meet your PPE requirements in a cost-effective way.

If you require rapid shipping or need to request a custom order, feel free to contact our team. We will take every possible measure to expedite your order and ensure you have the proper PPE when it’s needed most. If you have any questions along the way, our experts are here to help provide answers and ensure your order meets your every need.

Contact SUNLINE Supply for FDA-Approved Open-Back Gowns

When choosing a PPE supplier, it’s important to prioritize superior quality, fast delivery and affordable pricing. SUNLINE Supply delivers these benefits with a vast in-stock supply, around-the-clock sales availability and the most competitive rates on the market. Browse our online store to find the right open-back hospital gowns for your budget and needs. You can also find a wide assortment of FDA-certified PPE and protective apparel, from face masks and face shields to disposable gloves and anti-skid shoe covers.

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