Non-Sterile Gowns

Non-sterile procedure gowns are a valuable form of PPE for any healthcare facility. Designed to keep hospital workers safe while treating patients in routine, nonsurgical environments, our non-sterile medical gowns provide effective resistance against bodily fluids. SUNLINE Supply’s selection of AAMI non-sterile Level 3 gowns are a critical way to build out your facility’s supply of personal protective equipment.

Looking to keep your healthcare workers safer during a pandemic as well as on a daily basis? Explore our selection of FDA-certified non-sterile gowns and contact us to request your bulk order.

What Are Non-Sterile Procedure Gowns?

Non-sterile isolation gowns are an effective way to help control infections and create a healthier medical facility. Designed with non-sterile applications in mind, these medical gowns are ideal for emergency room situations as well as clinical labs, biopsies, endoscopies and labor and delivery.

Non-sterile gowns provide a protective barrier against contamination due to its high level of fluid resistance. This durable layer helps prevent wearers from coming into contact with contaminated sprays and splashes during patient care. Non-sterile procedure gowns can also be worn by patients to protect them in potentially contaminated or high-risk environments outside of the operating room.

Features and Benefits of Non-Sterile Medical Gowns

SUNLINE Supply’s non-sterile medical gowns offer incredible durability and secure protection in healthcare settings. These gowns are typically worn by visitors and patients as well as staff during routine care procedures. Non-sterile gowns offer numerous features, including fluid-resistant fabric, ultrasonic protective technology and PP and PE laminated fabric.

The benefits of non-sterile medical gowns include:

  • Reliable protection against infectious matter: Non-sterile isolation gowns provide moderate to high barrier protection coverage against exposure to bodily fluids, including blood.
  • Enhanced comfort: Each gown features elastic cuffs that improve protection while enhancing all-day comfort for the wearer.
  • Critical zone coverage: AAMI Level 3 non-sterile gowns form a protective barrier in all the critical zones, including the sleeves and chest.

Why Buy Non-Sterile Gowns From SUNLINE Supply?

High-quality protective apparel plays an essential role in medical facilities as well as construction zones and industrial workplaces around the country. With the right PPE, employees and visitors can stay safe and operations can continue to run smoothly. Finding the right PPE supplier requires partnering with a company that understands your priorities and delivers results, time and again. SUNLINE Supply has a reputation for excellence that’s backed by our many satisfied customers.

As an FDA-certified company with more than 90 years of global distribution experience, we’re well-versed in meeting the strictest industry standards. When you partner with SUNLINE Supply, you can count on us to deliver non-sterile gowns at a cost-effective rate and with a quick turnaround time. Our extensive distribution network means we’re ready to ship your order quickly and handle any unexpected issues that arise.

If you have any specific requests or need a shipment on a tight timeline, contact our team. We’re committed to ensuring you get the results you need, right on time.

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