Isolation Gowns

Our line of FDA-certified isolation gowns helps prevent cross-contamination and keep wearers safe from coming into contact with infectious diseases, bloodborne pathogens and hazardous liquids. Proper isolation gowns are essential in a healthcare setting, such as an emergency room or intensive care unit, to protect providers against respiratory droplets and stop the spread of bacteria.

At SUNLINE Supply, you can explore our full range of medical isolation gowns in various styles and protection ratings to find the best fit for your facility. Browse our selection of medical gowns and order your personal protective equipment in bulk today.

Types of Isolation Gowns

SUNLINE Supply carries a range of disposable isolation gowns designed to fit the needs of every medical facility. Isolation gowns — sometimes called procedural gowns or nonsurgical gowns — encompass a range of specific gown types. Designed to protect healthcare workers’ clothing, isolation gowns also effectively protect patients and visitors by preventing the spread of bodily fluids and microorganisms in patient isolation situations. At SUNLINE Supply, we have several isolation gown types, including:

Isolation gown types are also distinguished by their level of risk. Gowns range from Level 1 to Level 4, with Level 1 gowns used in minimal risk situations and Level 4 gowns ideally suited for environments with a high risk of viral contamination.

Benefits and Features of Medical Isolation Gowns

Isolation gowns offer superior protection by acting as a barrier layer, preventing the wearer — typically a medical professional — from coming into contact with any hazardous material. Isolation gowns include several features that offer unique benefits to wearers as well as employers and patients:

  • Ultrasonic technology for enhanced tear and flame resistance
  • Elastic cuffs for added protection and comfort
  • Breathable, lightweight fabric for improved temperature regulation and comfort
  • Enhanced resistance to fluid, alcohol, blood and static
  • Durable PP and PE laminated fabric for consistent protection throughout the day
  • Latex-free material to protect wearers with latex allergies

These features will differ slightly depending on the type of isolation gown. Our closed-back gowns, for example, feature a one waist belt with stitched sewing along with an ultrasonic seam. This enhances the gown’s durability and minimizes the risk of it opening on its own. Our closed-back gowns boast higher-level fluid repellent and feature an over-the-head neck style for easy use.

Our open-back gowns share many of the same features and benefits, with a few distinct differences. Its open back and long sleeves make it easy to put on and remove the gown, which is perfect for healthcare workers frequently moving into zones with different exposure risks. Our open-back gown also features thumb loop wrists with elastic for a seamless gown and glove fit.

No matter which medical isolation gown style you choose, employers can be confident knowing our apparel is FDA-certified and meets the industry’s highest quality requirements.

Why Choose SUNLINE Supply for Disposable Isolation Gowns?

SUNLINE Supply works with companies across a range of industries, from the medical field to the education and industrial sectors. Through our more than 80 years of global distribution experience, we’ve gained a reputation for supplying premium quality personal protective equipment at the speed you need. We oversee every detail of our factories and facilities to ensure every product meets a stringent standard of quality. As a result, you’ll only find items that comply with industry regulations and contain vital protective features.

When you stock up on isolation gowns from SUNLINE Supply, you can count on benefits like:

  • Around-the-clock sales availability
  • Convenient online ordering
  • Competitive pricing on all bulk orders
  • Friendly and helpful customer service staff
  • Quick and reliable shipping straight to your location

Contact SUNLINE Supply to Buy Medical Isolation Gowns

One of the best ways to protect both employees and patients is to buy isolation gowns in bulk. Having an adequate supply of high-quality gowns in stock will ensure your staff can always access the protective apparel they require. Need to outfit your entire hospital with medical isolation gowns? SUNLINE Supply is here to help.

As an FDA-certified company, we’re a trusted resource for meticulously designed PPE that meets industry regulations. Our 24/7 sales availability and competitive pricing allow companies to stock up on vital supplies when they need them most. In addition to isolation gowns, we offer every major type of PPE, including surgical gowns, face masks, disposable gloves, and face shields and eye protection.

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