Disposable Gloves by Specifications

There are many types of disposable gloves on the market today. Disposable gloves come with a variety of features and specifications to suit a range of applications. Check out SUNLINE Supply’s inventory of gloves today.

Chemo-Rated Nitrile Gloves

One feature of nitrile gloves that makes them popular in medical settings is that they offer excellent protection against bloodborne pathogens. Different nitrile gloves meet specifications for different tasks, including sterile nitrile gloves for surgery and non-sterile gloves for general exams.

Chemo-rated nitrile glove specifications meet the requirements of the ASTM D6978-05 Assessment of Resistance of Medical Gloves to Permeation by Chemotherapy Drugs. Chemotherapy drugs used to treat cancers are potent.These gloves protect nurses, doctors and other medical staff who handle such drugs.

FDA-Certified Disposable Gloves

FDA-certified gloves with 510K certification from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pass a review process before they’re sold. This process ensures that gloves and other products for sale in this country are safe and meet FDA requirements. 510K certification means gloves are as effective and safe as existing products sold in the U.S.

Sterile Gloves

Sterile gloves meet FDA requirements for sterilization and AQL (acceptable quality level) standards for pinholes. For sterile gloves, the AQL is usually between 1% and 1.5%, meaning only 1-1.5% of the gloves can have pinholes. You can use sterile gloves for higher-risk medical procedures, including delivery, birth and surgery.

Non-Sterile Gloves

Non-sterile gloves are not sterilized and have an AQL of 1.5 to 2.5%. You can use these gloves for certain medical procedures that don’t involve surgery. You can also use non-sterile gloves in dental clinics and other settings.

Latex-Free Gloves

Latex gloves, first developed in the 19th century, were commonly used in medical settings until the 1990s. However, due to latex allergies, latex-free gloves have become a popular alternative. Today, surgical nitrile gloves offer a high level of protection for wearers.

Powder-Free Gloves

Some gloves have powder to prevent chafing and make the gloves easier to put on and remove. Powder-free alternatives have a polymer layer that offers the same benefits as a powder but with even less risk of irritation.

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