5 Ply Masks

Face masks are essential pieces of safety equipment — and 5 ply face masks are effective against a wide range of dangerous health hazards. At SUNLINE Supply, we offer bulk pricing and rapid shipping on FDA-certified 5 ply face masks. Our quality face masks create a comfortable and complete seal around the mouth, nose and jaw for reliable protection.

N95 and K95 5 Ply Disposable Face Masks

Our 5 ply face masks are effective against a wide range of airborne hazards like bacteria, odors, pollen and pollution. They also prevent transmission and exposure of the respiratory droplets expelled during speaking, sneezing and coughing that the CDC associates with the spread of COVID-19. Available styles include:

  • N95 5 ply masks: N95 masks meet the U.S. NIOSH standard for performance. These masks have slightly improved breathability.
  • KN95 5 ply masks: KN95 masks are FDA and CE certified. These are suitable for people to cover their mouth, nose and jaw to prevent harmful particles.

Our N95 and KN95 5 ply disposable face masks have identical flow rates and offer similar performance. They have a five-layer construction that includes non-woven and melt-blown fabrics. Both are rated to capture 95% of particles 0.3 microns in size.

Features and Benefits of 5 Ply Face Masks

SUNLINE Supply 5 ply disposable face masks have a foldable design that keeps them crisp and helps retain function until they are ready for use. They are easy for users to put on and remove without cross-contamination for reliable daily protection from hazards.

These 5 ply surgical masks are versatile and appropriate for various uses, including applications in the healthcare, educational, commercial and industrial sectors. Additional features make it easy for users to get the protection they need:

  • Adjustable nose clips: These masks feature soft, interior nose clips that users can adjust to get the perfect fit. The nose clips are concealed under the mask.
  • Comfortable ear bands: Our bulk N95 and KN95 face masks have high-elastic flat ear bands designed to reduce ear strain, keep the mask snug and promote all-day wear.

The Advantages of Working With SUNLINE Supply

We are certified by the FDA, and we distribute a wide selection of products that are FDA-certified and NIOSH/CE approved. Our online store is available 24/7 for convenient ordering, with immediate availability and fast shipping on a wide range of quality personal protective equipment (PPE).

Our company represents over 90 years of experience working in global distribution. We visit each factory and place our personal stamp of approval on all the items we have to offer. Every FDA-certified mask we sell must meet our strict standards before joining our extensive inventory.

We are committed to providing the face masks and other PPE you need in bulk quantities with fast delivery at the market’s lowest prices. If you need 5 ply masks or another product and the demand exceeds what we have available on-hand, we have you covered. We can have your complete shipment made to order and delivered in just a few weeks.

Buy 5 Ply Face Masks in Bulk Today

Whether you work in a hazardous industry, want to overcome poor air quality or need to provide your staff with sufficient respiratory protection, we can help. SUNLINE Supply is your online supplier for 5 ply masks in bulk at competitive prices.

Buy 5 ply face masks today and browse our selection of other PPE to stay safe and remain compliant with state and federal regulations. To request a quote for a bulk order, contact us online or call (866) 217-7920.